Welcome to Tender HeArts Club

The Tender HeArts Club is a soulful creative community of gentle artists

About Us

The Tender HeArts Club is a soulful creative community of gentle artists. We honor our innate creative nature through compassionate art-making practices. Our intention is to cultivate a nourishing and supportive environment for folks to tell their stories through expressive arts. 

Thank you for showing up and for trusting us to guide you through these creative experiences. Together we make a difference!

We hope that you're able to settle in and explore the many options in this community.

What does Tender HeArts Club offer?

Our community offers therapeutic art workshops that provide trauma-informed and supportive guidance to participants through a creative experience. We aim to create opportunities for participants to connect with their own creative rhythms at their own pace. The workshops are structured to provide participants with different options to explore thoughts, feelings and ideas. We explore our creative voice through movement, artistic expression and reflection. 

  Creative Expression through color, texture, shape and abstraction is a universal language that is available to all. There are many ways to explore your creativity and visual arts is one of them. Artistic expression is not reserved for those with special talents or abilities. Using creativity as a tool to communicate and tell a story can be a powerful and healing experience. In our workshops participants are encouraged to follow along at their own pace and in their own way. Key elements included in our teaching modality include choice, empowerment, self-compassion, awareness and a deep regard for each person's lived experience and how that impacts their process.

Some benefits of conscious creativity include helping to identifying and label feelings, increased relaxation and stress relief, and opportunities for problem solving and innovative thinking. For many participants, the creative process allows them to practice letting go of the need to be perfect and creates an opportunity to access subconscious thoughts and ideas. It can be a meditative process and the tactile nature of the practice encourages awareness of the body and sensations. Coupled with movement, creative expression can allow for a release of stuck energy and assist with gently pushing through barriers in different layers of the self.

By reframing the art-making process and learning through a compassionate lens we can explore expressing ourselves in a non-threatening way. The emphasis is placed on the process of creating rather than the end result of a piece. With guidance you can access a “flow” zone in which you move with your body’s natural rhythms. The creative process can create opportunities to trust our choices and our intuition.